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10 Tips to Know Before Your First Brazilian Wax

10 Tips to Know Before Your First Brazilian Wax

10 Tips to Know Before Your First Brazilian Wax

Brazilian waxing in Long Beach is becoming increasingly popular, with many women in Long Beach and Los Angeles preferring weeks of smooth and seductive skin over daily shaving and scratchy hairs. We’ll agree that it’s not exactly a “fun” time, but you’ll be ready for bikini season in no time. Knowing how to make waxing less unpleasant is always a bonus, whether it’s your first time or you’ve been waxing for years.

Here are 10 ways to make a Brazilian wax a lot less painful.

Waxing on a regular basis

Making sure to keep up with regular waxing appointments is the single most essential Brazilian Waxing tip. If you are planning on having Brazilian Waxing and you live near Long Beach, please keep in mind that waxing on a regular basis helps keep your hair roots young and weak. The roots will get stronger as more time passes between your waxing appointments. The more you wax, the thinner your hair becomes, which means you’ll have a lot less discomfort.

Stop Shaving

Stop shaving for at least three weeks before your First Brazilian waxing appointment. Also, don’t shave in between waxing sessions because it disrupts your hair’s development cycle, resulting in thicker hair with stronger roots. During your next wax, it might potentially cause ingrown hairs, hair breakage, and severe discomfort.

Exfoliate the Bikini Part Two Days Ahead

Use an exfoliating glove to exfoliate the bikini area two days before to ensure there is no additional dry skin in the way. It will also help to prevent ingrown hairs after you’ve waxed.

Take Aspirin

Take two aspirin 45 minutes before your visit, followed by a glass of water. That way, you’ll be properly prepared by the time you are waxed.


Skip the Coffee

There are few things in this world for which we would willingly sacrifice caffeine, and Brazilian wax is one of them. Coffee’s stimulants might raise blood pressure and make waxing more painful for certain people. Some individuals don’t notice a change, but if you have sensitive skin or thick hair, it’s worth a shot.

Avoid the Gym on the day of your Appointment

Exercise has a similar impact to coffee in that it raises blood pressure and can make your experience more uncomfortable. We recommend avoiding exercise the day of your wax if you are very sensitive to discomfort. (And don’t forget to wait a day or two after your waxing to work out!)

Schedule your Waxing Appointment based on your Cycle

Since your skin is more sensitive during your period, consider having your waxing performed while you aren’t on it. If you’re on your period, let your Brazilian waxing specialist in Long Beach know before your actual session.

Make Sure that your Hair is at its Appropriate Length

Your hair should be approximately a quarter of an inch long—or a grain of rice. Waxing will be more painful if your hair is longer. If it’s shorter, the wax won’t have enough to grasp onto, and it won’t come off at all, or it could cause ingrown hairs. If you’re unsure about the length, go for the lengthier option and ask the studio to cut it for you.

Wear Comfortable Loose Clothes

For the first 30 minutes to two hours after your Brazilian waxing treatment, your skin may feel sensitive and painful. Squeezing into tight narrow jeans is the last thing you’ll want to do. Instead, put on a pair of comfy cotton slacks and a pair of loose sweatpants or a skirt.

Do your Research and Look for a Reliable Salon

Obviously, the salon you visit should be totally professional, sanitary, and free of double-dipping. The greatest method to locate the appropriate studio is through word of mouth and referrals. If someone had a positive experience elsewhere, there’s a high chance you will as well. And if everything else fails, there’s always Google. When you arrive, go with your gut. When you go in, you get a gut feeling about whether or not it’s a location you want to visit.

You may now confidently show up for your next appointment. There’s no need to be concerned about the discomfort; you’ll be OK. Enjoy your wax; let’s hope it’s the least painful yet!

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