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Eyelash Extensions

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Classic Lashes

Classic lash extensions are the original style that is still very much favored by our clients. The process requires that a single extension be applied to one natural lash. As with all our services, we ask that you come in with a clean face, that’s free of makeup. The process will last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, during which you are welcome to take a nap.


Hybrid Lashes

A hybrid style eyelash is an option that is a customizable combination of volume lashes and classic lashes. Hybrid extensions are often one of the best solutions if you would like the feathery and full look while also maintaining your more natural lash line. By using the longer classic lashes and the volume of the shorter style lashes, you can get a look that is somewhere in the middle of dramatic and natural. The hybrid style has become a popular choice for many in the public eye such as Kim Kardashian. This style of eyelash extension is the perfect way to dramatize your look, improve your lash line, and maximize length and volume.


Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are designed as miniature fans that are built of 2 to 6 eyelash extensions. These are a much faster way to do eyelash extensions but they do produce more volume. Volume lashes have a much fluffier look. Volume lashes could be an excellent idea if you would like to get a look that is similar to strip lashes. If you’d like to have eyelash extensions that will be more noticeable or you want to have a fuller look to your eyelashes without an emphasis on the length, these lashes are perfect.


Eyelash Extensions

  • Classic Lashes (1.5-2 Hrs)

  • Hybrid Lashes (2 Hrs+)

  • Volume Lashes (2 Hrs +)

  • Lashes Removal

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