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Lash Lamination – Is It the Same Thing as a Lash Lift?

Lash Lamination is It the Same Thing As a Lash Lift

Lash Lamination – Is It the Same Thing as a Lash Lift?

Right now, there are so many beauty procedures to choose from that it makes it overwhelming for most people. It’s nice that we can experiment with our appearance in so many different ways, but there are so many alternatives that it can be difficult to decide!

One of the most popular things to do to improve your appearance is to enhance your eyelashes, but there are several ways to style them. There may be a variety of lash treatments available at your neighborhood salons. Although they go by various names, they may range from lash extensions, lash lifts, lash perming, or even lash lamination.

There are several names for lash lamination. We’re digging deeper into the treatment today.

What Exactly Is Lash Lamination?

A lash enhancement procedure that produces semi-permanent results is lash lamination. Your natural lashes will look longer and have a more appealing form after this treatment, it will open up your eyes. No lash curler can achieve the level of curl we’re talking about!

For those whose lashes are not completely black, the lash lamination is sometimes paired with a lash tint. You won’t need mascara, although you can use it if you wish to, because darkening them even a little bit makes them appear significantly thicker.

Because lash lamination uses your own natural lashes, it looks very natural and unobtrusive. Like with lash extensions, there are no additional strands, and maintenance is minimal.

So, essentially, it’s a lash lift?

Yes! Although the procedure is the same, individual lash technicians may refer to it by different terms, such as permanent lash curling, lash perming, or lash lamination. We also call it lash lamination. If you’re located in the greater Los Angeles area specifically Long Beach, then Brow Heaven’s Lash Lamination in Los Angeles county is one of our popular services that you should definitely check out.

How Is Lash Lamination Performed?

Typically your lash technician will apply certain products to your natural lashes to complete the process. These formulas lift the lashes into a lovely upward curl and, at the customer’s discretion, darken them. The effects are achieved from within as a result of the products penetrating the lashes. They cannot be washed away, and the curl does not relax for the duration of the eyelash growth cycle.

A detailed explanation of the lash lamination procedure is provided below:

Step 1: Clean the lashes.

For the chemicals to penetrate all of the lashes evenly, the lashes must be free of any makeup, skincare, or sebum residues. They are cleaned using a mild cleanser.

Step 2: Position a curling rod over the lash line.

Patches or tape are used to protect the lower lashes.

Just above the lash line, a soft silicone pad in the shape of a rod is applied. There are different rod sizes available; a smaller rod produces a more dramatic curl, while a larger one produces a subtler curl. You require a smaller rod if your eyelashes are shorter.

Step 3: The lashes are glued to the rod.

The lashes are pushed upward and glued to the lash curling rod. They will be in this shape following treatment.

Step 4: Applying the perming solution

At this point, you have to close your eyes.

A non-invasive chemical that will relax and soften your lashes and give them a straight form is put on them. The lashes can be further manipulated and fixed into a curled shape after being softened. It is left on for around 10 minutes.

Step 5: Applying the fixing solution

The setting or fixing solution is then applied once the perming solution has been removed. The perming solution is neutralized by this formula, which also hardens the lashes into a curled shape. Additionally, this product needs to sit for around 10 minutes.

Step 6: Your lashes can be tinted if you’d like.

The fixing solution is removed and cleaned. You now have laminated eyelashes, hurray!

However, the rod is not yet removed, as you can still use a lash tint to darken your lashes if you so choose to. Similar to conventional hair dye, a solution in the chosen shade is applied to the lashes to create the tint. About 20 minutes are spent with the tint on.

Step 7: Take the rod out and clean it

Remove the curling rod. You can now open your eyes after the product residue on your lashes has been removed.

* The length of time the products are left on varies depending on the manufacturer and the formula. If you’re doing your own lash lamination, carefully verify the instructions on the items before starting.

Can I Do Lash Lamination on My Own?

Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you choose to DIY it, please be sure to purchase only high-quality products and adhere as precisely as possible to all the directions, particularly the times the products must sit. While removing them too quickly can result in under curled or unevenly curled lashes, leaving the solutions on your lashes for too long can harm them.

To avoid such risks, we highly recommend you to do your research and find a trusted salon with good track record such as Brow Heaven   located in Long Beach, California that offers excellent Lash Lamination to enhance the looks of your eyes and get beautiful lashes.

If you are from Long Beach or even in the Los Angeles county area, we suggest you visit Brow Heaven for your lash lamination or Lash Lift needs. Brow Heaven has been providing Lash Lamination (Lash Lifts) in Long Beach for many years now and has a good track record.

Is There Any Aftercare?

To allow your curls to set, you must adhere to the following instructions for 24 to 48 hours (the longer, the better):

  1. Avoid getting your eyelashes wet, including with water, sweat, tears, and steam.
  2. Avoid touching them.
  3. Avoid using eye makeup.

Your lashes will have hardened and you can unwind after 24-48 hours. To ensure that the effects last for a long time, you should stay away from oil-based cosmetics and products, as well as lash curlers, since they can cause the curl to loosen.

Mascara is OK, but waterproof formulas are not. You’ll have to rub your eyes vigorously to remove them because they frequently contain oils, which are bad for the curls.

How long will the lamination on my lashes last?

The effects may last for 6 to 8 weeks, but in reality, they will start to fade faster.

Let me clarify. Your eyelashes will remain laminated for the duration of their growth cycle, or until each one falls off. But during the time of lamination, not all of your lashes are in the same stage of their growth cycle. This implies that some of them will fall out more quickly than others.

Every day, we lose 4-5 lashes. The amount of eyelash loss will be sufficient after three weeks to lessen the prominence of the curl. You will progressively lose the curl as your lashes continue to fall out until a brand-new set replaces the curled lashes, which takes 6 to 8 weeks.

The lash lamination procedure can then be repeated.

Is Lash Lamination Safe?

Yes, if done properly. The solutions must not be applied for an extended period of time because doing so could harm your eyelashes (if they do, rinse immediately and contact an ophthalmologist).

A patch test should always be conducted before the course of treatment because allergic reactions are one of the other concerns.

Final Caution

If you choose to perform your own lash lamination, please be cautious when purchasing the products. It is best to choose a well-known brand that has a history of being reliable and secure. Additionally, to ensure that all the formulas are compatible, it is preferable to purchase your tint from the same brand as your mascara.

Lash Lamination in Long Beach

If you’re searching for a trusted salon that offers top- service of Lash Lamination in Long Beach, you might want to have a look at Brow Heaven. Brow Heaven is the go-to spot for Lash Lamination in Los Angeles.

Our goal is to provide Long Beach with the best lash lamination experience possible. We use only the highest quality products and our team is passionate about delivering customers one-of-a-kind experiences of Lash Lamination in Long Beach.

We also provide a variety of enhancement procedures for all of your cosmetic needs at a fair price. To learn more about all the services we offer to our clients, please visit our services page.

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