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How often should I get a Brazilian Wax?

How Often Should I Get a Brazilian Wax

How often should I get a Brazilian Wax?

Finally, you switched from shaving to waxing for a long-lasting outcome; however, it’s now time to schedule your next session. And it’s the concern that each new waxer has. How often should you get a Brazilian wax in order to keep your body completely hair-free and smooth? We spoke with experienced estheticians for Brazilian Waxing in Long Beach to find out the dos and don’ts of maintaining a Brazilian wax so that we could respond to all of your inquiries.

When it comes to the interval between waxings, there is unquestionably a sweet spot. Going back too soon could cause issues, but waiting too long could also. Perhaps you’ve even considered using a quick shave or at-home laser hair removal to remove any regrowth, but are touch-ups actually a smart idea?


If you’re in Los Angeles and you want to get rid of pubic hair without shaving, one of your best options is Brazilian Waxing in Long Beach, but you’ll need to be patient to see the best results over time. After your first Brazilian wax, estheticians advise waiting 4 to 6 weeks before scheduling a second appointment.

Waxing every four to five weeks, if you’re new to Brazilians, “maintains a steady, regulated regrowth,” says Rachana Pandya, a certified esthetician and the owner of Brow Heaven Threading Studio in Long Beach, California. “If you are consistent after six months to a year, you can wax every five to six weeks.” (We’ll explain why later.)

Depending on the type of hair and growth pace of each individual, the appropriate timing may vary slightly. Your hair’s rate of growth after losing it might be influenced by factors like hormones and heredity, for instance. You and your esthetician will figure out what waxing plan works best for you after a few appointments, but four to six weeks is a decent estimate.


This timeline of four to six weeks is not just a spontaneous suggestion to get you scheduled once every few weeks or so. In actuality, it’s meant to simulate the hair’s development cycle and occur at precisely the right time.

Generally speaking, the key to getting a long-lasting Brazilian (if you’re wondering how long hair removal procedures last, a wax is roughly in the middle compared to shaving and laser hair removal) is to wax at just the correct moment to guarantee that all the strands are entirely eliminated at the root. Here’s why it’s so effective to hold off for at least four weeks:


We have a total of three hair cycles, as Rachana explains. To produce slow, sparse, and fine-textured regrowth, you need to focus on the appropriate cycle. These three stages are:

Anagen: The stage of active growth

Catagen: The stage of transition

Telogen: The stage of resting

In each hair follicle, new, longer strands begin to grow during the anagen stage. Body hair does not naturally grow as long as the hair on your head, which is a good thing because it will naturally stop at a certain point.

The hair is cut off from its supply source after the initial growth, during the brief catagen stage, and it stops growing. Then it moves into the telogen stage, where it sort of lingers until finally falling out. The hairs in your hairbrush in the morning are just coming from the telogen phase. After that one, a new strand will start to emerge and enter its own anagen phase.

The optimal hairs to target during a Brazilian wax are those that are still in the anagen, or active growth stage. Since your body will have to start from scratch because it hasn’t yet produced another new hair, you won’t start to see bothersome stubble right away.

Of course, some of the strands will be revealed at a later stage. A new hair will grow out of the same follicle more quickly for every hair lost during the telogen phase. But if you stick to a regular waxing routine, ultimately most of the hairs will fall into the same cycle. This is the reason why, as Rachana notes, after maintaining consistent Brazilian waxing sessions for at least six months to a year, you’ll be able to wait a bit longer between waxes. It is also advisable to undergo the procedure at least every six weeks if you get less hair removed from either a bikini or Brazilian wax, as this is also true.

2. You’ll let the hair grow long enough to prevent breakage.

According to Rachana, “after two and a half weeks, your hair will start showing, but it is not yet long enough to be waxed again.” She explains, you’ll want to wait until “the hair is about the length of a grain of rice” or at least one-quarter inch long” before getting another Brazilian Waxing in Long Beach at Brow Heaven.

This is due to the fact that “going in for a wax too soon can cause hair breakage. Short hair will break when the wax tries to adhere to it, which means that not only are those hairs not being cut out at the root, but you will also notice regrowth much more quickly—within one to three days,” Rachana explained.

When strands break off during a Brazilian wax, this can give you those less-than-ideal results since it is identical to what happens when you shave: each strand of hair is cut off right at the surface of the skin and grows out in only a few days, looking thicker and blunter.

So, it’s best to hold off until there is enough hair for your waxing specialist to actually deal with. In case you’re looking for the best Waxing in Long Beach and overwhelmed by the options? Let Brow Heaven help you decide. Brow Heaven is a trusted salon for Brazilian Waxing in Long Beach, CA. We’ve been helping people just like you look their best for years.


According to Rachana, your hair will regrow thinner the more times you wax. Waxing is undoubtedly one of the greatest solutions if you’re wondering how to remove pubic hair without shaving because it leaves users with finer hairs rather than wiry ones. This is an evident benefit of Brazilian waxing.

But why does this occur? Now that you are aware of how the hair growth cycle operates, you are aware that routine waxing removes hair from the roots rather than splitting it in half as shaving does.

The parts that poke out after a Brazilian wax are only the tips of whole new strands when you do see regrowth. As darker complexion types typically have thicker, coarser hair, they are a suitable option for hair removal because they are much softer, finer, and occasionally lighter in color than the middle or bottom of a strand of hair. This won’t happen right away, but if you establish a waxing practice, you’ll undoubtedly see a difference.

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