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Brow Lamination Aftercare

Brow Lamination Aftercare

Brow Lamination Aftercare


There are a million different techniques to groom our brows (with different levels of pain) in the hunt for the ideal Instagram-worthy arches, including microblading, tweezing, tinting, and threading.

There’s the latest trend in the brow industry that claims to be able to give you the largest, bushiest, super smooth brows that look like you have brow gel on them. I am talking about Eyebrow Lamination.

It may seem like something out of an office supply catalog, but eyebrow lamination is the latest procedure offering you a pair of supermodel selfie-worthy brows without the discomfort or commitment.

In this article, you will learn some Brow Lamination Aftercare


Brow Lamination is the most recent and innovative procedure to enter the beauty industry, offering a painless solution for brows that lack symmetry or have hairs that follow a distinct pattern.

A brow lamination, unlike a brow perm, involves straightening the brow hairs using a chemical solution that is a specially formulated kind of keratin created specifically for the eyebrows. A perm is a different solution that is much harsh on the brow hairs as well as the skin.


1.The procedure starts with a consultation to determine the best shape and style for your face.

  1. To make the hair straight and flexible, a special and mild solution is being used.
  2. A moisturizing serum is applied to the hair to moisturize it.
  3. A natural-appearing tint is used (the shade depends on what color your eyebrows are).
  4. After that, a nourishing serum is applied.

The entire procedure takes about an hour or less to perform and can last anywhere from three to eight weeks, depending on the natural growth cycle of your brow hair, your hair type, and, of course, your Brow Lamination Aftercare.



After the procedure, your brows will be thicker, fuller, straighter, and combed up into the perfect form. They should have the appearance of well-maintained, brushed-up brows. The concept is that you won’t have to sketch the form with a pencil anymore. Getting interested in the procedure? Search ‘Brow Lamination near me’ to know where you can find salons near you where you can get your brows laminated.

Eyebrow Lamination


If you have unruly brows and don’t want to spend hours grooming them, or if you don’t have any brows at all and want to give them the impression of fuller, feathery arches, brow lamination is for you. Brow lamination will make your life a lot simpler if you want that Instagram-style highly brushed-up brow appearance.


  1. For the first 24 hours, keep your brows totally dry. This might be the most essential thing you do following the lamination treatment.  During the process, your technician applied a specialized lamination solution to your brows to give them the desired look. If you get your brows wet after the procedure, they won’t have time to set and the style won’t stay as long.
  1. For proper Brow Lamination Aftercare, resist the urge to rub your brows. We understand how difficult this is! Unfortunately, touching your brows introduces oil from your fingertips, which can clog the pores in your brows.
  1. After getting your brows done, don’t wear makeup for 24 hours. Going makeup-free for a day might be difficult, but it’s well worth it. Makeup should be avoided since it might be greasy and clog your pores.
  1. Wait two days before washing your face to avoid getting your brows wet. This is likely one of the most difficult aspects of laminating your brows! Washing your face, as tempting as it is, is not a smart idea since your brows will become moist. Instead of splashing your face with water, clean it with a cleaning wipe.
  1. Avoid extensive swimming, bathing, or sweating. Again, you don’t want any moisture or oil around your brows the first day after the procedure. This means no swimming, saunas, hot showers, or strenuous exercise.
  1. Sleep on your back to avoid pressing on your brows during the night. This may appear to be strange advice, but if you sleep on your side, the pillow presses on your face and you may bend a few brow hairs. Try sleep on your back during the first night. You may use bolsters or body pillows on your sides to make it more difficult to sleep on your side.
  1. For the next three days, avoid using exfoliating products or retinoids around your brows. It’s typical for your brows to be especially sensitive for a few days following the treatment. The chemicals in brow lamination can also somewhat dry out your skin, which is why you shouldn’t use Retin-A, alpha hydroxy acid, or strong exfoliants that peel away the top layer of your skin right away. Wait at least three days and keep the product away from your brows.


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