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Eyebrow Threading

Do you need an appointment for eyebrow threading?

No, you don’t need an appointment for our threading services. Feel free to walk in during our business hours.

Does eyebrow threading hurt?

While some slight discomfort may be felt, especially if it's your first time, many of our customers find threading less painful than waxing. The skill of the threading artist matters; a trained professional will make the experience feel like a slight sting rather than a painful yank.

How long does it take for hair to grow back? How often should I get my brows threaded?

Hair typically grows back within 2-3 weeks. For optimum results, we recommend getting your eyebrows threaded every 3 weeks.

What is the price for eyebrow threading?

The cost for eyebrow threading is $11.

Is it normal to use scissors after threading your brows?

Absolutely, our threading artists are trained to use scissors to trim your eyebrows for that final touch of perfection.

What other services do you provide in addition to eyebrow threading?

We offer a range of services including Full Body Waxing, Eyelash Lifts, Eyelash Extensions, Brow Lamination, Henna Tattoos (mehendi), and more. Feel free to ask your threading artist for the most current services we offer.

If I have a party coming up, how long before the party should I thread my brows?

We recommend getting your eyebrows threaded at least a day before your event. This allows any potential redness to subside.

What kind of aftercare do you recommend after eyebrow threading?

Aloe vera gel is great for minimizing redness and soothing the skin. We also recommend avoiding sun exposure and delaying makeup application until the redness has disappeared to prevent irritation.

I have thin hair. How do I grow my eyebrows naturally?

Castor oil and coconut oil have been effective for some of our customers. Supplements like Vitamin B5 and biotin can also help. For more tips, check out our article on growing your eyebrows naturally.

Why is threading better than waxing?

Threading is more natural, doesn't involve harsh chemicals, and is better for sensitive skin. It also tends to last longer than waxing. For more details, you can read about the advantages of threading here.

Lash Lifts


A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that curls lashes in much the same way a hair perm does. Using safe silicone lifting rods, Brow Heaven stylists curl your natural lashes, no extensions necessary.

Is a Lash Lift the same as an eyelash perm?

No, a Lash Lift is a more advanced procedure that offers better results than traditional perming. It lifts the lashes from the root, providing length and a bright-eyed look without the "dolly curl" effect.


Absolutely. You can continue to wear your favorite eye makeup and lash products after the required 24-hour waiting period after your lash lift. Or pair with a lash tint for a darker luster sans mascara!


Lash lifts at Brow Heaven cost $55. Consider adding eyebrow threading and eyelash tinting to your appointment to get the most out of your trip.


When performed by a trained and certified technician using high-quality products, a lash lift should not damage your natural lashes. However, like any beauty treatment, the risk of adverse effects exists. It's crucial to follow the aftercare guidelines provided by your technician to maintain the health of your lashes. We do not recommend DIY lifting or perming. 

How long will a Lash Lift last?

A Lash Lift can last 4-6 weeks, depending on your natural lash growth and aftercare.

What's the aftercare like?

Avoid getting your lashes wet or using harsh products for 24 hours post-treatment. You can clean your eyes gently with mild products after that.

Brow Lamination

Welcome to the Brow Lamination FAQ section at Brow Heaven Threading Studio. We’ve curated this guide to answer all your questions about brow lamination, a trending beauty treatment that’s all about achieving those perfect, Instagram-worthy brows. Let’s get those brows on fleek!

What is Brow Lamination?

What exactly is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination and Brow Lift are essentially the same treatment, just different names. It's a non-invasive procedure that gives your brows a fuller, more defined look by setting the hairs in place.

Preparing for Your Appointment

How should I prepare for my Brow Lamination appointment?

Keep up with your regular skincare routine but avoid using retinol creams 5-7 days before your appointment. Also, refrain from trimming or tweezing your brows for at least two weeks to achieve the fullest look possible.

Who Should Avoid Brow Lamination?

Are there any reasons I should avoid Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is generally safe for most people, but there are certain conditions where it may not be advisable. These include:

  • Active skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis in the brow area
  • Recent eye surgeries or eye infections
  • Allergic reactions to beauty products in the past
  • Hormonal imbalances causing hair loss or skin sensitivity
  • Open wounds or sunburn in the brow area

If you have any of these conditions or other medical concerns, we strongly recommend consulting with a healthcare provider before undergoing Brow Lamination. Please note that while we take all necessary precautions, we cannot guarantee that you will not experience adverse reactions to the treatment.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Is threading included in the Brow Lamination service?

No, threading is not included with our Brow Lamination service. It would be best to ask your technician to see if there are any current deals available.

Is Brow Lamination suitable for sensitive skin?

While Brow Lamination is designed to be a gentle process, individual reactions can vary, especially if you have sensitive skin. We strongly recommend consulting with a healthcare provider before undergoing any beauty treatments.

What's the aftercare like?

Keep your brows dry for 24 hours post-treatment. We recommend using our Brow Heaven Nourishing Oil daily to maintain brow health.

How can I prolong the effects of my Brow Lamination?

Avoid using drying skincare products on your brows and cleanse with cold water. Our Brow Heaven Nourishing Oil is a great product to keep your brows looking their best.

Safety and Duration

Will Brow Lamination cause hair loss?

Brow Lamination is designed to be a gentle, non-invasive treatment that should not cause hair loss when performed by a trained and certified technician. However, individual reactions can vary. If you have concerns about hair loss or have experienced it due to medical conditions or treatments, we strongly recommend consulting with a healthcare provider before undergoing Brow Lamination.

How long does the treatment take and last?

The Brow Lamination treatment takes about 45 minutes to an hour. The effects last 4-6 weeks.

Brow Styling Post-Treatment

What products should I use for brow styling after the treatment?

We recommend using brow powder for filling in gaps and our Brow Heaven Styling Gel for a long-lasting hold.

Can I exercise after getting my brows laminated?

We recommend waiting at least 24 hours before engaging in any activities that cause excessive sweating, as this could affect the results.

What does the Brow Lamination process involve?

The Brow Lamination process is a quick and straightforward treatment that takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Here's a brief rundown:

Cleansing: Your brows are cleansed to remove any makeup or oils.

Lamination: A lifting cream is applied to break down the hair structure, allowing us to set your brows in your desired position.

Setting: A neutralizing solution is applied to lock in the shape.

Nourishing: A nourishing oil is applied to finish, keeping your brows healthy and shiny.


We recommend avoiding water and makeup on the brows for at least 24 hours post-treatment.

How long does the treatment take and last?

The treatment takes about 45 minutes to an hour. The effects last 6-8 weeks, and the tint lasts 2-6 weeks depending on your hair type.

Comfort and Safety

Does the treatment hurt?

Not at all, most clients find it relaxing.

Is it safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

While Brow Lamination is generally considered safe, pregnancy can cause increased skin sensitivity and unpredictable reactions.

We strongly recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before undergoing any beauty treatments, including Brow Lamination, while pregnant. Please note that we cannot guarantee the absence of adverse reactions.

Products to Avoid

What brow products should I avoid post-treatment?

Steer clear of pomades, waxes, and certain brow pencils as they can clog pores and lead to hair shedding.

Feel free to reach out to us for any further questions or to schedule your next beauty appointment. We’re here to make sure your brows are always on point!

Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are single synthetic lashes applied individually to the natural lash, using a semi-permanent adhesive.


Whole process normally takes 1 – 2 hours depending on the number of lashes.


In order to maintain your eyelash extensions normally you need to do refills every 4-6 weeks (depending on how well you take care of them).


No, Eyelash extensions will be applied individually and correctly to maintain your eyelash health. It is also highly recommended to follow aftercare instructions when doing eyelash extensions. If you are not familiar with aftercare instructions please collect one of the aftercare instructions from our studio.


No, not if applied properly and directly to the eyelash, with no contact with the skin. It may feel a little unusual the first time, but once you get used to it, you will feel comfortable.


No, once your eyelash extensions are applied, they will feel just like your normal lashes. However it is recommended not to roughly rub your eyes, as this can damage the extensions and make you feel uncomfortable.


Yes, you need to book an appointment for eyelash extensions by calling us at (562) 248-2552.


Yes, however we will need you to remove contact lenses for your appointment.


We strongly recommend contacting us or having your extensions professionally removed to avoid damaging your natural lashes. Do not attempt to pull them off yourself.


Extension care is key!

Follow our three-step process:
Remove makeup with our pre-soaked makeup remover pads.
Cleanse with our oil-free foaming lash cleanser.
Pat down and brush to prolong the life of your lashes.


It's normal for some extensions to shed with your natural lashes. If you experience significant loss, consult your technician for a touch-up.

Eyelash Care

Can eyelash serums cause eye irritation?

While most eyelash serums are formulated to be gentle, some people may experience irritation. If you have sensitive eyes, it's best to consult with us or your healthcare provider before using any new products.

Is it normal to lose eyelashes?

Yes, it's normal to lose a few eyelashes daily as part of the natural growth cycle. However, if you notice excessive loss, consult a healthcare provider for evaluation.

Can eyelash extensions cause eye infections?

The risk of infection is minimal when the procedure is performed by a trained professional in a sterile environment. However, poor aftercare can lead to complications like bacterial infections.

Is a lash lift safe for sensitive eyes?

A lash lift is generally safe for sensitive eyes, but it's crucial to inform your technician before your appointment about any sensitivities, medical conditions, or allergies you may have.

Can I undergo eyelash treatments if I have chronic dry eyes?

If you have chronic dry eyes, consult your healthcare provider before undergoing any eyelash treatments. Some treatments may exacerbate dryness or irritation.

What should I do if I experience an allergic reaction to an eyelash product?

Discontinue use of the product immediately and consult a healthcare provider for appropriate treatment. If the reaction is severe, seek emergency medical attention.

Are eyelash treatments safe for individuals undergoing chemotherapy?

It's essential to consult your healthcare provider before undergoing any beauty treatments, including eyelash services, if you're undergoing chemotherapy.

Can I get eyelash extensions or a lash lift if I have glaucoma or other eye conditions?

If you have glaucoma or any other eye conditions, consult your healthcare provider before making an appointment and undergoing any eyelash treatments. Some treatments may not be suitable for you.